Radicle is a peer-reviewed journal of anthropology annually published through the support of the Reed College Library. Embracing the essence of the open-access paradigm, Radicle is designed and operated by students with guidance from faculty and staff in the Reed College Anthropology Department.

Expanding on the standard article format, Radicle hosts a wide range of anthropological content, including audiovisual, written, and other multimodal works. Our aim is to give credence to a breadth of media types while encouraging submissions that challenge entrenched approaches to the discipline. Radicle provides immediate open access on the principle that our research should be freely available to the public.

We welcome you to engage with our content. Any inquiries regarding submissions, the review process, or our publishing philosophy may be directed to the current editors through the Radicle email - radicle@reed.edu


Reed College Department of Anthropology

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