Epistemological Environments

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Jane Calderbank


By advocating for multimodal approaches to the disciplines, this piece contributes to the forma- tion of alternative, resilient epistemological spaces in anthropology and ecology. Reflecting ethno- graphically on interdisciplinarity, Calderbank critiques the rigid disciplinary bounds, teleological spatiotemporality, and the gendered, capitalist, and colonial schemas which inhere in the structure of Western academe. In theoretical conversation with broader post-colonial, queer, and feminist environmental studies, the piece advocates for the revitalization of imagination, as opposed to innovation — making use of the poetic form to explore the entanglements in the “oftentimes paradoxical paths to knowing,” and rejecting the primacy of science over story.

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Calderbank, Jane. 2019. “Epistemological Environments”. Radicle: Reed Anthropology Review 4 (1). https://radiclejournal.org/index.php/rrar/article/view/60.