Black Narrative in Deep Space

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June Carter


For Neil Smith, deep space is multiscalular and immediate; for Katherine McKittrick, deep space is a landscape which repositions black geographies, imaginatively and materially; for Carter, deep space is the only landscape which offers the imaginative and material foundations for black liberation. In an auto-ethnographic journeying through a flawed and undiscerning teaching paradigm, and the September 26th protests at Reed College, I challenge the assertion that history is written only by the victors. Introducing Frantz Fanon’s process of self-recognition to Katherine McKittrick’s mapping of black geographies in deep space, this piece offers a peek into the boundless contours afforded by the re-writing and re-telling of historical narratives in deep space.

Keywords:  transparent space, black geography, auto-ethnography, narrative, black liberation, agency

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Carter, June. 2021. “Black Narrative in Deep Space”. Radicle: Reed Anthropology Review 5 (1).