2020— An unimaginably discordant year.

Authors contest hegemonic narratives concerning issues with community and global impact— climate change, deforestation, and the pandemic to name a few. These articles expertly oscillate betwixt and between scales to render tangible the quotidian tensions that mark twenty-first century life. By making these contestations and their contingencies visible, authors situate us in vantage points heretofore silenced by dominant, easily-reproducible logics. 

Vol. 5, No. 1 Contested Narratives 

Articles by:

June Carter, Cheryl Fok, Oliver Hillenkamp, Lena Low, Paul Molamphy, Ruairí O'Mahony, Leila Shokat


Jane Calderbank

Copyediting Team:

Jane Calderbank, Paul Molamphy, Emily Hebbron 


Elena Turner, Laurel Schuster, Anesu Ndoro, Abby Friesen-Johnson, Tania Jaramillo, Grayson Klages, Tommy Shi, Tabia Schmidt, Ruairí O'Mahony 

Published: 2021-03-24