Radicle: Volume 4 (2018-19)



The cherry blossoms have come and gone and the sun has returned here in Portland - it is May 2019 and we are happy to announce the release of the fourth edition of Radicle. Building on the achievements and aspirations of editors past, this issue is accompanied by a renovated website and an updated look.

With this edition of the journal, we hope to showcase the vitality of undergraduate scholarship and the breadth of approaches in the work of our authors. Anthropology can no longer sustain the disciplinary boundaries of the past; this body of work exemplifies the ways in which conversation with interdisciplinarity and creativity enriches the field. We are pleased to contribute to widening this space of dialogue by incorporating the use of visual and poetic mediums in this edition alongside their essay counterparts.

The range of topics and contexts in this issue attests to such breadth - from fungus in Oregon, electricity in Afghanistan, poetry in the academy, spaces of visual remediation, train tracks in India, and gender politics in Guatemala. This collection of texts, written and otherwise, represents the creativity and potentiality of emerging anthropologists, promoting an anthropology responsive to our changing world.

One of the main goals of Radicle has been to foster a community of scholarship and give Reedies a platform to share their work; this edition continues that endeavor as it has truly been an effort of many. Without our peer-reviewers, interns, and other faculty and staff, this would not have been possible- we are grateful for their support and contributions.

Finally, to our readers : we hope you enjoy this issue, and thank you for supporting student publications.


The Editors
Hillary Gerber (‘20) & Guin Wright (‘20)

Vol 4 No 1 (2019): Radicle: Reed Anthropology Review (2018-19)

Articles by:

Jane Calderbank, Abigail George, Savannah Hugueley, Alex Li, Luke Maskarinec, Oliver Hillenkamp

NOTE: Articles by Jane Calderbank, Savannah Huguely and Oliver Hillenkamp are in production will be available as soon as possible.


Guin Wright, Hillary Gerber


Jane Calderbank, Paul Molamphy


Loralee Bandy, Janet Sebastian-Coleman, Alyse Marie Cronk, Abigail George, Savannah Hugueley, Alex Li, Chelsea McIntosh, Ruairi O'Mahony, Zoe Neff, Savannah Raye-Jones, Tareq Saghie

Published: 2019-05-10

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